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scrape records

SCRAPE update in point form...hope this answers some questions.

Apr. 4, 2016

*SCRAPE records 323 East Broadway is officially closed.

* / SCRAPE fb / SCRAPE twitter / SCRAPE email are ALL STILL ACTIVE and will remain active.

*Over the coming months we will upload our remaining inventory to We still have butt-loads of stock. Stay tuned, be patient. If you don't see something, please email or message us. This will take some time to upload, bits at a time. No current plans on adding titles we don't have on hand.

*Details on how to win the autographed SCRAPE door are imminent.

*SCRAPE's Final Farewell Show is a go at Venue April.23. Tickets available at for ONLY $15!!

*No plans on continuing to sell Concert Tickets. We'll let you know if that changes.

*SCRAPE wear will be available at

*Thanks for your loyalty and concerns!

Just In Case You Didn't Know How Trendy We Are

Aug. 5, 2008