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Katatonia - Sanctitude

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Royal Thunder
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Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Ltd)

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Europe - War of Kings (Ltd)

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Shining - IX - Everyone Everything Everywhere Ends

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Carach Angren - This Is No Fairytale (Ltd)

Carach Angren
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Soilwork - Live In The Heart Of Helsinki

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Tribulation - The Children of the Night

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Negura Bunget - Tau

Negura Bunget
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Formed in the summer of 1990 in Liverpool (also home to THE BEATLES), by Daniel Cavanagh (guitarist). Their original line-up was: Darren White (vocals), Vincent Cavanagh (guitars), Daniel Cavanagh (guitars), Jamie Cavanagh (bass), and John Dougals (percussion), under the moniker PAGAN ANGEL. Since then, there's been too many line-up changes to mention here, although Vincent, Daniel, and John have all maintained status in the band, except Daniel briefly in 2002 (click on the album's for more line-up information). They would release one demo and then change their name to ANATHEMA. They released two more demo's and then were discovered by Hammy of Peaceville Records, who signed them. They went on to be the most overlooked gem of the '90's. Starting as romantic doom metal ("The Crestfallen", "Serenades", and "The Silent Enigma"), and then transitioning into an avant-garde experimental force. Each album bears evidence of progression. The vocals are always improving and becoming even more poignant, accenting the music and lyrics (which this band are probably the best lyricist's out there). "Eternity" was sort of a transitional album for them, somewhat abandoning the guttural cries of despondency and replacing that with Vincent Cavanagh's beautiful singing voice. Their influences range from PINK FLOYD to The BEATLES to RADIOHEAD. The future for ANATHEMA is promising because they are the future.

"The Cresfallen" and "Serenades" are mainly attracted by doom metal fans because of the pace of the music and Darren White's moody vocals. "Pentecost III" showed the band exploring long escapades into realms not traveled by any band in their genre. Also being the last release to feature Darren White on vocals. "The Silent Enigma" is a monumental album, blending beauty and despair, poetically. "Eternity" was the transitional album, where they explored the vast expanse of space (a la PINK FLOYD). "Alternative 4" and "Judgement" were both excellent editions to their catalogue, but lacking the experimentation of the next two albums. "A Fine Day to Exit" was a large step into various different soundscapes. It was followed by "A Natural Disaster," where they achieved a sound completely their own, surpassing even RADIOHEAD, with their absolute exploration of the unknown. "We're Here Because We're Here" was released in 2010 and continued to show signs of progression of the band's sound.



Jan. 15, 2015

Time to announce our first "MEET N GREET" of 2015!!

Enslaved will be holding their first ever "MEET N GREET" at SCRAPE records!! FREE EVENT!!

What makes this day extra special is that it's also the same day that ENSLAVED's new album "IN TIMES" is released.

Stay tuned for pre-order offers for" IN TIMES" at SCRAPE.

SCRAPE records

Tuesday March.10

6.00pm - 7.00pm

Bring your ENSLAVED loot to get all signed up and don't forget your cameras!!

Thanks to our friends at Nuclear Blast USA & Sony Music Canada for their support!!

Facebook Event Page:

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Dec. 8, 2014

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Aug. 5, 2008

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